Beaten up female police officer triggers ugly fight between her colleagues and Murang’a residents

Tension was high in Murang’a County on Wednesday evening after Administration Police officers descended on Mugeka town residents, including the Assistant County Commissioner of Gaturi Benjamin Baraza Masika.

The commotion was triggered by an incident at a local pub in which a female AP officer was beaten by a male civilian.

The furious female officer went back to base, and reported the incident to her colleagues who, in a show of solidarity, decided to revenge. They stormed the bar, handcuffed the alleged assailant and beat him up until residents intervened.

After being outnumbered, the AP officers retreated back to base, wore their uniform and came back to the town and started attacking anyone they found.

They then ordered all businesses to close as they continued their reign of terror.

The situation got ugly after the residents tried to confront the officers for the unwarranted attack. The officers got agitated and used more force and in the process, they roughed up a senior officer; the assistant county commander.

“Why have you taken it upon yourselves to resolve a dispute? You came to the town and beat everyone in the town including your boss,” said the assistant county commander shortly after everything had cooled down.

Moments after reading the riots act to the officers, the situation normalised. The officers went back to base and locals resumed their normal duties.


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