Beaten, cheated on, abused: That is how I spent my Christmas holiday, woman reveals partner’s wickedness in Photos

A South African woman namely Yolo Pityana has accused her husband Sabelo Jika of domestic violence.

Ms Pityana, who lives in Pretoria, took to her Facebook account on Sunday, December 25, to claim that her husband has been abusing her physically for the past two years they have been together.

She says she suffered in silence, hoping her husband would change – but that continues to look like a pipe dream.

Instead, she says Sabelo has been beating her now and then till it has gotten to a point she can no longer take the battering.

Sharing on Facebook an album of photos that show red marks on her back, arms and face, Ms Pityana wrote: “Today (December 25) I break the silence. This is how I spend my Christmas of 2016. In pain and hurt. I have been beaten, and cheated on and abused for the past 2 years by my husband. Women love does not hurt and only God will complete you.

“I prayed, I forgave, I gave 2nd, 3rd and many chances for him to change. However the pain never stopped. Ladies, love like you have never been hurt before, but most of all love yourself more, not to stay longer than the first time. Leave leave leave.

“This has been the best example of my life on how God speaks and we decide to ignore that voice that says No… Ladies listen to the inner voice,” wrote Ms Pityana.

The Facebook post garnered 38, 000 likes, 31, 000 shares and 19, 000 comments by online users as at time of going to press on Tuesday afternoon (December 27).

Many online users condemned Ms Pityana husband’s callous act.

Pamela Payton said: “No one has the right to abuse anyone, I don’t care what the circumstances are. Stay strong and seek help. Do not be a victim, be a survivor.”

Teddy Namakula wrote: “Better stay alone than staying with that damn person who cannot value you.”

Sedria Stevenson said: “I’ve been there before love isn’t supposed to hurt. I divorced my then-husband and never looked back.”

Julie Ramsingh said: “I am very sorry but you need to get out.”

Ancilla Thomas wrote: “I hope you listen to that inner voice. I am sure you had enough of his abuse .You know exactly what you should do.”

Ms pityana, however, did not reveal what led to the Christmas Day squabble.






All photos|Courtesy of Yolo Pityana


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