Battle gets nasty as wives fight for body of their tycoon husband


Three wives of a Nakuru tycoon are embroiled in a court battle, with each demanding to bury their husband Eliachim Washington Olweny, who died at Nairobi Hospital where he was undergoing treatment two weeks ago.

Mr Olweny, who was a close friend of Opposition chief Raila Odinga, was the proprietor of Nakuru’s Evans Sunrise Hospital.

Mr Olweny’s second and third wife Norah Olweny and Anna Wanjiru claim that they were married to him according to Luo tradition.

The two moved to court Thursday last week, where they obtained orders restraining Mr Olweny’s first wife Felecia Olweny and her sons Edwin Olweny and Timothy Olweny  from removing the deceased’s body from Lee Funeral Home until the application is heard.

Senior resident magistrate Faith Munyi issued the orders which were served to Edwin, Felecia and Timothy, with copies to Lee Funeral Home and to the priest in charge of All Saints Cathedral where a church service was to be conducted.

Anna and Norah were today (Wednesday, December 4) forced to obtain a second court order before the same court  after it emerged that Lee Funeral Home had released Olweny’s body for burial and  service conducted at All Saints Cathedral today (Wednesday, December 4).

Speaking outside Nakuru law courts after obtaining the court order, Norah expressed fear that the first wife together with her sons wanted to secretly bury Mr Olweny without their knowledge.

They termed the move as “primitive”, adding that they had engaged family members in order to get an amicable solution to the standoff in vain.

Norah said that they suspected that the service was conducted hurriedly so that Mr Olweny’s body could be flown to Kisumu for burial in Ukwala.

They faulted Lee Funeral Home and the priest in charge of All Saints Cathedral for releasing the body and conducting a service respectively, saying both parties were in contempt of a court order issued earlier.

Norah further said that they had agreed that another church service would be conducted at ACK St Christopher church in Nakuru Thursday, December 15 before the body could be transported to Ukwala for burial on Saturday.


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