Basketball star Lamar Odom drunk, ‘ejected’ from flight

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Celebrated basketball star, Lamar Odom, was on Monday, July 11th taken off a delta flight after getting ‘wasted’ in the airport longue and vomiting on the plane.

Eyewitnesses told TMZ that Lamar was pounding beers and whisky at the Los Angels, Delta Airport lounge before boarding a flight for New York.

TMZ reported that two passenger narrated what ensued in the plane resulting to the legendary basketballer’s ejection.

“Lamar went to 4B and sat down, but as the plane was about to pull back he bolted for the front, threw up in the galley and then walked in the bathroom and with the door open threw up again. When he came out of the bathroom, he had vomit on his clothes. The flight attendants “gently” escorted Lamar off the plane, and a cleaning crew came on board to deal with the mess. The flight attendants put Lamar’s carry-on belongings in a plastic bag and removed them from the plane.” the eyewitness narrated.

It is reported that Odom went back to the plane ten minutes later with vomit on his sweat pants. He repeated the feat of visiting the bathroom this time using the heads of people to his balance.

A source on board told TMZ that one of the passengers was heard questioning the attendant of Odom’s history adding that they never wanted a dead body 30,000 feet. The incident got the flight 40 minutes late to New York.

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