Baringo man, 33, kills granny, 90, injures brother

A 33 year-old man, David Kipsang, slashed his granny Rebecca Toyoi to death leaving two other people with serious injuries on the head in Logiri village, Baringo County.

The Saturday night incident happened after the suspect, alleged to be under drug influence, stormed the elderly woman’s house slashing her to death while trying to rob her of valuables.

Kipsang, who is now in custody at Mogotio Police Station, broke into his granny’s house as she was asleep after a quarrel with his mother.

“I told him to go and sleep but he insisted going to his granny. He was violent and breaking up things. I tried calling out but it was raining, luckily he did not get into my bedroom,” said Kipsang’s mother.

Area assistant chief, Simon Tanui, confirmed the incident saying the suspect was under drug influence.

Tanui, however, added that it was difficult to arrest the peddlers, as they do not live locally.

“Those people peddling the drugs do not leave around, they move in motor cycles distributing to their clients. If residents would report them, then we can pursue them,” Tanui said.

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