Bahati’s ‘wedding’ video to be uploaded on YouTube, lady threatens to take own life


Kenyan gospel singer Bahati has set Saturday, August 13 as the date he would share with his followers a video of his “wedding”.

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Note: the wedding is in quotes!

Bahati apparently will be releasing a new music video titled Mapenzi that he says will be a major jam, considering the prayer he has put into composing the song.

In the song, the Barua star makes known some of the reasons as to why he is shying away from dating. He further speaks out on the controversial aspects of love; that he says the church fears to address or communicate to its congregation.

He adds that he shares his own thoughts about where love “originated” from.

Bahati intimates the song’s composition was inspired from “deep within” hence every word of the song contains sentimental value and thoughts.

The vicenarian artiste exclusively told eDaily that since photos showing him dressed in a bespoke suit, and next to him is a bride donning a cute Riviera wedding gown went viral, many of his female fans have expressed their heart-break – with some even threatening to commit suicide.

“I met a certain lady today (Friday, August 12). She inquired if it is true that I wedded. Amid gloom, she urged me not to confirm her fears; and threatened to commit suicide if the claims about my said wedding are true. I had to tell her the truth – that it is a video of a song I recently worked on,” said Bahati.

Well, we can only wait for tomorrow to see what Bahati has in store for us!

All in all, he says it is a big gospel jam!



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