#BahatiBird: Fear as ‘strange’ bird pecks woman’s chest in Nakuru


Residents of Garage Township in Wanyororo B in Bahati, Nakuru County were on Wednesday evening (May 17) thrown into a panic when a huge bird fell from a power line after it was electrocuted.

The white bird, which has a long wide beak and webbed feet, was discovered by Wanyororo B residents at 6pm, and its presence in the area attracted a mammoth crowd that was apprehensive of approaching it, fearing the bird could harm them.

One woman, who attempted to go near the bird, found herself in trouble when it pecked her on the chest.

Another woman, Rosemary Wanjiku, who locked the bird inside her compound throughout the night claims she cooked ugali using a kilogram of maize flour but “the bird did not eat the ugali”.

Wanjiku now wants the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) to refund her the money she used on purchasing the maize flour.

Wanjiku claims that she has not worked since yesterday because locals continue to flock her home to catch a glimpse of the “rare” bird.

Another resident, Racheal Wambui, says the “strange” bird poses a danger to their poultry because it might spread a disease to their fowls.

Although the bird’s origin is still unknown, locals believe that it might have originated from Lake Solai, which is located nearly 20 kilometers away.

The bird, whose physical features resemble those adapted to feeding on sea creatures, appeared weary and had a bleeding beak.

Another local, Boniface Kimani, said they were willing to feed the bird on meat but the prevailing economic situation could not allow them to, since most of them cannot even purchase a packet of maize flour.

By the time of going to press, KWS officers were headed to the area to rescue the bird.

A search on the internet reveals that the bird is a Marabou, which is a large bird from the Stork family.

The bird’s common prey include: fish, frogs, insects, eggs, small mammals and reptiles such as crocodile hatchlings and eggs.

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