Bahati lied – Gospel musician David Wonder


Gospel musician David Wonder says Bahati lied when the EMB boss claimed he used over Ksh6 million in building Wonder and Mr Seed’s music careers.

Speaking to EDAILY on Monday, Wonder said: “As a Christian, I don’t see the need of telling lies. When I heard Bahati’s remarks [that he spent more than Ksh6 million on us], I was shocked.”

David Wonder, whose real name is David Junior Odera, shipped out of EMB Records in early February this year, a week after Mr Seed unceremoniously ditched the record label citing disrespect by Bahati.

Wonder, on his end, said he wanted to build his own brand away from the shadows of Bahati.

The aggrieved musician says Mr Seed could be in a better position to know the exact amount of money Bahati used on them, given Seed and Bahati “were very close friends”.

“According to Mr Seed, Bahati lied about the figure… If Seed says so, and he was very close with Bahati, then I have no reason to believe there is an alternative fact,” said Wonder.

In a recent interview with NTV’s Udaku Sasa, Bahati claimed he doesn’t owe Mr Seed and David Wonder any money because he had already spent over Ksh6 million on building the two artistes’ careers.

“These young men [Mr Seed and David Wonder] actually owe me over Ksh6 million. That explains why they came up with [unconvincing] stories to trend [on social media]. Time will tell, nonetheless. Where are they, anyway?” posed Bahati.

Mr Seed immediately reposted – on his Instagram page – the video of Bahati making the allegations, and captioned the clip with the words: “Stop telling lies on live television”.

David Wonder says he has not spoken to Bahati since leaving his record label in February.

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