Babu Owino’s alleged nasty exchange with radio presenter


Embakasi Member of Parliament Babu Owino has been accused of hurling insults at Ghetto Radio presenter Edgar Ogutu over a story which was published on the station’s website.

Babu Owino has however denied attacking the journalist over the July 11 article.

The story, reported that rowdy men stormed a July 11 meeting which had been convened by Nairobi Woman Representative, Esther Passaris at Tassia and demanded Mr Owino exits the meeting.

An audio clip, whose source remains anonymous and which we cannot independently verify, has since surfaced online, capturing a supposed phone conversation between Mr Owino and Mr Ogutu over the story.

Below is a transcript of the exchange between the two supposed antagonists:

Man said to be Babu Owino: Toa hiyo ujinga umeweka hapo.

Man said to be Edgar Ogutu: Unajua Facebook [account] yangu? Liberator Edgar is my username.

Man said to be Babu Owino: Achana na Facebook. Angalia Ghetto Radio [website]; hizo vitu munaweka hapo every time.

Man said to be Edgar Ogutu: Babu, mimi usijaribu kunitisha.

Man said to be Babu Owino: Wewe ni mjinga. [Hurls expletive].

Man said to be Edgar Ogutu: Babu, usijaribu kunitusi. Mimi naweza kukutoa hata mahali uko. Wewe ni kijana mdogo sana kunitusi. Usione wewe ni mheshimiwa unaweza ongelesha watu vile unataka.

Man said to be Babu Owino: Wewe ni mjinga sana.

When reached for comment over the ugly altercation, Mr Owino said: “I have no idea of the audio clip you are talking about. And if indeed it is there, then that is a doctored conversation, with a voice altered to resemble how I speak.”


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