Babu Owino: What Moses Kuria said when he called me on phone


University of Nairobi student leader Babu Owino says Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria called him on phone and invited him to “talk over a comforting bowl of porridge”.

Babu was on June 14 arrested and taken to Kilimani Police Station after he made remarks on June 13 that were termed as hate speech against Moses Kuria.

Babu Owino threatened unspecified action against Kuria if the Gatundu South lawmaker did not cease to utter polarizing remarks against Opposition chief, Raila Odinga.

Babu said: “We are warning you Ngunjiri and Moses Kuria that our revolution is coming and we are looking for you. And if we get you, we will deal with you cacophonously and multiply you by zero and raise it to the power of infinity”.

Babu Owino was detained for three days and later arraigned before Nairobi Chief Magistrate Daniel Ogembo who ordered him to deposit KSh100, 000 bail after he denied a charge of incitement to violence. Justice Ogembo directed the trial to begin on August 8.

Well, the flamboyant yet controversial student leader says he holds no grudge against Kuria – a political leader who was also arrested and arraigned in court for hate speech last week.

Babu says he and Kuria will soon meet for a mug of porridge but notes he “cannot apologise” for his remarks made against the Gatundu South legislator.

“I have not apologised to Moses Kuria and I don’t see the need to because there is nothing wrong I did,” Babu Owino exclusively told eDaily, adding: “Kuria called me on phone and asked if we can meet and drink porridge together. His call came through immediately after he took fish with Baba (Raila Odinga).”

“In our conversation, we acknowledged that Kenya is bigger than either of us and we need to unite the citizens. There is no bad blood between Moses Kuria and I. We will communicate in due course the day we’ll have our porridge.”

And just where was he when the “Pangani Six” were having a luncheon with Opposition leader Raila Odinga?

“On that day I had a meeting with the constituents of Embakasi East. Raila Odinga had invited me to join them at Kosewe hotel for the luncheon, but I could not make it. I was the only Kilimani one; the members of parliament were Pangani six,” said Babu.

Pangani six comprised MPs: Moses Kuria, Junet Mohammed, Kimani Ngunjiri, Florence Mutua, Aisha Jumwa and Senator Johnston Muthama.

The six lawmakers recounted their experience in the police cells saying the discomfort in jail “taught them the importance of peace among Kenyans.”

How about Babu’s ‘jailhouse’ experience?

“My stay in the cells was terrible! There are no mattresses, no proper sanitation…the cells are pathetic. If there are mattresses in prisons, why not in police cells? And police cells act as a bridge between suspects and the judiciary? Cells shouldn’t be a place to punish suspects. One is innocent until proven guilty, and not vice versa.”

Of Cuba visit

The SONU chair has ruled out next week as the date to “have porridge” with Kuria as he would be out of the country.

“I will be visiting Fidel Castro in Cuba next week. The agenda of our meeting will be about my bid to run for parliamentary seat in 2017 – and how he can chip in to fund me.”

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