‘Baba Christmas’: Waititu’s Santa Claus look leaves online users in stitches

Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu launching Christmas tree in Kiambu on Tuesday December 11. [PHOTO | COURTESY]

Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu left online users in stitches on Tuesday, December 11, when he launched a Christmas tree at his office in Kiambu.

A picture of Mr Waititu donning a synthetic white beard and headgear in a bid to resemble legendary Christmas season figure, Santa Claus, had the Internet users questioning who advised the county chief.

The synthetic beard – in a rather amusing look – completely covers his mouth and misses the base of his nose by just a few millimeters. That space, online users joked, was left for him to breathe.

The governor’s choice of attire was also questioned by a section of Facebook and Twitter users.

Mr Waititu sported a checked coat, a navy blue pair of official trousers, a light blue shirt and a red necktie – a combination, which many online users said was colour-clashing in a legendary fashion.

Away from that, the governor launched a Christmas tree ahead of the holiday celebrated on December 25.

Invitation card to the launch of Christmas tree in Kiambu [PHOTO | EDAILY]

Invitation card to the launch of Christmas tree in Kiambu [PHOTO | EDAILY]

In an invitation card sent to people he wished would attend the function, including journalists, Mr Waititu wrote on the card titled: “Kiambu Governor’s Christmas Tree”: “Join HE Governor Ferdinand Waititu in supporting deserving Children homes in Kiambu County donate foodstuffs, blankets, sanitary pads, clothes, toys, cash and other gifts.”

A good message on the card, but what stood out for people, who came across Mr Waititu’s picture, was his look.

Twitter user Swalleh Ndeda said: “The Kiambu Santa is so uninspiring.”

Shyko Joan said: “[My Kiambu relatives], can you stop telling people where I come from [because I am embarrassed].”

Judy Atieno said: “[Watu wa Kiambu], tuwache kudandia culture za wenyewe ovyo ovyo.”

Njoro Munene said: “Santa Clown, Waititu, nahama Kiambu haki.”

Martin Ngugi said: “You really cannot fake mediocrity; it is inborn.”

Mzee Nangu said: “Someone stop Waititu.”

Santa Claus is a legendary figure originating in Western Christian culture who is said to bring gifts to the homes of well-behaved children on Christmas Eve and the early morning hours of Christmas Day.

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