Awkward moment translator openly lies about what foreigner says, shames own countrymen: VIDEO

A funny video clip has surfaced online of a supposed Tanzanian man translating what an English-speaking woman is saying – and instead of maintaining the intended meaning of the original message, the Tanzanian decides to completely skew the foreigner’s admiration for the country.

In the undated video, taken in a selfie mode, the woman expresses her love for Tanzania – and the country’s breathtaking nature.

But instead of communicating just that to the Swahili-speaking audience in Tanzania, the translator says that the woman is bashing Tanzanians for their habit of complaining about famine every time!

Below is a transcript of their conversation:

FOREIGNER: “Hi. My visit to Tanzania has been beautiful and gorgeous. The people are fabulously wonderful and friendly. Greetings are always jambo. I am happy to be here. The land is beautiful, the animals are wonderful.

TRANSLATOR: “Anasema Watanzania mnalia sana njaa! Kila siku mnalia njaa, wakati mna maua nyumbani. Si mchemshe maua mnywe? Anasema si vizuri kulia njaa (She is saying that you, Tanzanians, like to complain about hunger. Every day you lament that you are hungry yet you have vegetables at home that you can boil and eat. Why don’t you do so? She is urging you to stop whining.”)

FOREIGNER: “The variety of animals and people you see here are incredible unlike anywhere else. It is just fabulous!

TRANSLATOR: “Anasema mnamuomba rais wenu awapikie chakula, kwani rais wenu ni mpishi? Hangaikeni, fanyeni kazi chemsheni hata nguo mle (She is saying that you, Tanzanians, are bugging your President to cook for you. Is your President a chef? Work hard – and even if it means ‘cooking’ your clothes, do so. So long as you have something to eat.)

FOREIGNER: “It would be an experience to save her for the whole of your life. It is fantastic and beautiful and incredible and just remarkable!

TRANSLATOR: “Anasema muhangaike na pembeni mwa nchi huko muache kabisa, rais hawezi kutoka ikulu kuwapikia chakula, hivyo mjipikie wenyewe! (She is saying that you people from far-flung places in the country should stop dreaming that the President would leave State House to come cook for you.)

It is not established, however, if the recorded conversation was just for comic relief purposes – or if it was indeed a genuine conversation.

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