Award-winning author Chimamanda Adichie opposes practice of men holding doors for women


Is holding the door for women an act of chivalry – as traditionally perceived?

Some women and men argue that if women want to be treated as equals, they should act as equals in every way, while others argue that we should not kill chivalry completely.

Chimamanda Adichie, an award-winning Nigerian author, says she has a problem with men holding doors for women.

Speaking to Trevor Noah on ‘The Daily Show’ recently, Ms Adichie said: “Holding the door should not be gender-based.”

“I am quite happy for people to hold the door for me. I hope they are not doing it based on the idea of chivalry, which emanates from the belief that women are somehow weak and need protection. We, however, know that there many women who are stronger than men,” she said.

Chimamanda also thinks that the rescuing of women and children first during times of tragedy is belittling women. She suggests rescuers should save the weak and the sickly first, which according to her, does not necessarily mean women.


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