Avril: Why I broke up with my fiancé


Celebrated Kenyan songstress Avril says she felt emotionally distanced from her fiancé, prompting her to take a break from music – and to even call off her wedding plans.

In an exclusive interview on Citizen Television’s 10Over10 programme, Avril told host Willis Raburu that since the demise of her dad in March, 2016, she felt withdrawn from a lot of activities and relations that require emotions.

Such activities enlisted by Avril include romantic relationship, music among others.

“I have been quiet because after I lost my dad earlier this year, I decided to take some time off being in an emotional relationship. I was not in the state of mind and heart to plan my wedding and so I decided to put it aside,” she intimated, amid fear that blogs would misquote her.

Nonetheless, Avril took time to commit herself to acting and drama. A venture she is very passionate about.

“Other than music, I am an actress in a local soap, Sumu la Penzi that airs on Maisha Magic East,” she said.

Watch Avril’s full interview below:


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