August 16 is Chipukeezy’s “big day”…and we have the details here

Prominent Kenyan comedian Chipukeezy will on August 16th stage a thrilling East African comedy night in Nairobi, Kenya.

Speaking exclusively to eDaily, he said he is working hard on his new project: the The East Africa Comedy Night, a function that will feature top comedians from around the region.

When we pressed him for more details about his featured acts, the funnyman declined to drop the names, saying that he will reveal the details closer to the date.

This announcement comes just days after he staged a one-man comedy night, the first one-act comedy show in the country.

His function attracted several A-listers including the NACADA boss Jaguar, RedKona comedians KJ and Kajairo, Jalas, Deputy Governor Jonathan Mueke among others.

Hot on the heels of this success, Chipukeezy is gearing up for even more shows. One of the projects will be setting up bus tours, a project that he will work on with 10 other comedians.

“I will also launch a comedy bus for tours both locally and internationally, “said Chipukeezy.

The funnyman says he will visit Dubai on October before visiting Dar es Salaam in December 3rd.

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