[AUDIO] Not Zari, this is the only woman whose love made me shed tears – uncontrollably: Diamond

Tanzanian heavy-hitter Diamond Platnumz says his break up with Zari Hassan is not a publicity stunt, and that the Ugandan socialite indeed dumped him on February 14.

Speaking to Radio Citizen’s Mambo Mseto host Willy M. Tuva on Friday, March 16, Diamond said for now he is concentrating on ensuring sales of his music album called ‘A Boy from Tandale’ are successful – and would comprehensively address his relationship issues thereafter.

Diamond also addressed claims that he has gotten back together with Wema Sepetu after breaking up with Ms Hassan.

The Sikomi star said of all women he has ever dated, it is only Wema Sepetu, whom he shed tears for during their love days.

“The last time I ever shed tears because of love was when I was dating Wema Sepetu. Wema made me weep quite much. I remember there was a day I was at the gym with my manager, Babu Tale; and we were having a conversation, which revolved around Wema. Around that time, I was constantly weeping because of Wema’s then-unfair treatment toward me. Babu Tale asked me to leave her because her love was becoming toxic. I told him: ‘Let me not lie to you, when I am with Wema, I feel like I am in heaven. Please, understand me.

“There was a time Wema and I separated, and when I informed Babu Tale about it, he said: ‘I don’t believe you. The other day you said she makes you feel like you are in heaven. I don’t believe you’.


“Wema and I had a deep connection, a deep chemistry. It was so strong that I found it hard to imagine myself living without her. However, it was God’s plan that both of us go separate ways. But, we are good friends currently.

“Wema and I are in the entertainment industry, and it’s quite difficult for us to detach fully from each other’s lives. She is an actress, I am a musician. Both fields need each other to thrive. There’s no need to groom enmity between people, especially around this time when death can come knocking anytime. Try as much as you can to reduce the number of enemies you have. Enmity does not help at all.


“I don’t have any romantic feelings toward Wema now. It has been a journey, which has taken me four years now. I respect her, she respects me. I thank God that arrangement has been possible between us because of Him. Other people would find it hard to enter into an arrangement, where despite being exes, you can still maintain a plutonic relationship. And that is why she will have a program on my yet-to-be-launched TV station, Wasafi TV.”

Diamond Platnumz released his second album called ‘A Boy from Tandale’ on Wednesday, March 14 at the Kenya National Theatre in Nairobi.





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