AUDIO: I apologise to Kenyans, says Bahati


Kenyan gospel singer Bahati has apologised to Kenyans for the controversial decisions that he has made over the past two years.

Making reference to beef with Willy Paul, friction with Daddy Owen over singer Denno’s royalties and constant backlash for featuring secular artistes in his controversial jams; Bahati says he is sorry and vows to lead a lifestyle founded on piety.

“My main reason for apologizing to Kenyans is because they have made me who I am, and I feel like I might have wronged them in one way or another. I have never grown up a proud person,” Bahati told eDaily.

“God has given me the ‘burden’ of being a role model to many people – the young and old. He has blessed me with influence. At my tender age, many people listen to me. For the last one year, I have been meditating about my life. My desire has always been to become a new Bahati – the Bahati people fell in love with four years ago,” he said.

The Barua star notes despite his accomplishments in music, he strives to remain humble and he gives credit to God.

“God has been faithful! I have been churning out big hits, getting corporate endorsements, performing in quite a number of shows… I am the first gospel artiste from Africa to feature in Coke Studio. I have never wanted people to applaud me for the achievements. I believe God called me for something more than that.”

“I can’t be blind to the fact that for the past two years there was a lot of drama around my life; and I acknowledge I did not approach the issues modestly. I was wronged by people, and I hurt quite a few – for instance Willy Paul, Daddy Owen and Groove Awards team.”

“Before I held a thanksgiving ceremony on Tuesday, June 28 – I looked for all those whom I had differences with and asked for forgiveness from them. And I wanted to introduce my new video In Love, as a totally new person”

“I can’t say I regret the negative things that happened in my life. I believe it was part of my growth, and growth is a process. Nonetheless, I thank Kenyans for believing in me and being patient with me – all through they supported my music. They voted for me in award ceremonies and my songs topped charts.”


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