At last; The Identity of The Young Man Married To Diamond Platnumz Elderly Mum

Word around town is that singer Diamond Platnumz mother has bagged herself a younger man.

According to a Tanzanian tabloid, Sanura Kassimu is already planning to get pregnant with her new husband- Rally Jones.

She made it clear at the wedding of her nephew- Romy Jones that she is planning to give her kids another sibling.

It would have gone unnoticed was her new man older than her. It turned out that she choose to pour some love on a younger, more energetic man.

Her new man was also present at the wedding of Diamond’s cousin and was introduced by his step-daughter Esma Platnumz as  ‘uncle’

The man dating Diamond Paltnumz mother poses for a photo with his step daughter Esma Platnumz. Photo: Esma Platnumz/Instagram

Interestingly, the issue of age does not seem to bother the elderly woman who explained that her new lover is the right man for her.

“He is not a young man, were he young, I would not have married him,” Kassimu told Dizzim online.
The relationship has not come without its fair share of drama.

The singer’s fans have attacked his mum for going the way of her daughter-in-law who married a younger man.

Photo: Instagram/Esma Platnumz

Zari Hassan , 37,is nine years older than Diamond and was a mother of three at the time she married the singer.

Kassimu who is in her late forties is a mother of two and married to a man 12 years younger than her.

Of whether she will be getting kids while way past her child-bearing age, we shall have to wait and see.

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