Asst. chief’s wife cuts ‘love rival’ in the face with razor blade


A middle-aged woman from Emurenga Village in Bunyore, Vihiga County is nursing injuries after she was allegedly cut in the face by the wife of Esibakala Sub-Location Assistant Chief James Swaka.

Mr Swaka’s wife suspected that the woman was seeing the administrator behind her back.

The incident happened at the assistant chief’s office on Thursday.

“James’ wife is accusing me of secretly seeing her husband. I could not sit there and be harmed, so I fled and went into hiding in a nearby house. I, thereafter, went to hospital, where my cuts were stitched. The doctor told me that he wanted Ksh2, 000 for the services. I did not have the money. So, I told James, via a messenger, to foot the bill since it was his wife, who inflicted the injuries on me,” said the victim.

Mr Swaka, on his end, has agreed to settle the victim’s medical bill.

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