ASHIOYA: Rap founded on beef is backward!

ASHIOYA: Rap founded on beef is backward!

Just when we thought we had had enough and peace looked eminent, another rapper has thrown her spanner in the works. Njeri has come out to reply Femi One in a hit single titled Conoka #Femiplan,a reply that is sure to evoke online antagonism between their fans.

It is beef season and brawn, damaged egos and the smell of careers burning has rent the air.

Femi One was cast with the arduous task of flaming the beef, and boy did she deliver. After calling out all female rappers, including ones society had literally forgotten about, Femi inadvertently opened a Pandora’s Box – in the process, touching ‘wrong numbers’ who decided to hit back.

They say one of the greatest creeds of rappers is grandiosity, magnificence, revolving-egos and licentiousness.

For starters, Femiplan is a birth control patch used by women – and so when Njeri goes ahead to “refer” to Femi One as such, you can fill in the rest.

Njeri goes on to mimic a look-alike of Femi One in the video – complete with an army uniform, outright disrespect to Femi One.

Now in as much as this is fair play, this type of unwarranted music is getting too much airplay; and if someone else takes over and replies to this diabolical nonsense then rap music in Kenya may well be going down the drain – if it is not already there.

Come on people. Trump is President. It is 2016. Who does rap feuds anymore?


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