Artiste wants to be cremated when he dies, believes he’ll turn into an angel

Veteran Tanzanian rapper Seleman Msindi better known by his stage name Afande Sele has left a will with his siblings that he should be cremated when he dies.

In a recent interview with East Africa Radio, the Darubini Kali hitmaker said he believes he will turn into an angel once he is cremated – and that his spirit will not be that of a human being.

The activist added that he is “tired of living his life as a human being and wants to become an angel in his ‘life after death’.”

Sele says he’d want to come back as an angel during judgment day.

He believes when a departed person gets buried, he or she will return as a human being during the Day of Judgment – and he doesn’t want that.

“Legalise bhang in Tanzania”

If the cremation confession is not enough, Afande Sele recently made headlines yet again when he urged the Tanzanian government to legalise the usage of cannabis sativa (bhang) in the country.

Recently, a Tanzanian Member of Parliament urged the government to legalise bhang smoking arguing that the drug is less harmful compared to other hard drugs.

Afande Sele agrees with him. He says: “Legalise it, don’t criticise it. North Korea, USA, Mexico, Uruguay and other European nations have researched and proven that alcohol is more harmful than cannabis sativa.”

The controversial Morogoro rapper is popular in Tanzania and boasts of a repertoire that has more than 50 songs.

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