Arrow Bwoy: I sing about love because I grew up in a violent home

Kenyan dancehall artist Ali Yusuf – popularly known as Arrow Bwoy – has come out to address claims by critics that all his songs contain the same distinct sound and are usually about one thing in particular; Love.

Speaking during an interview on Hot96 FM, the ‘Godo’ hitmaker explained that he has majored on love songs since that is what he wishes to spread, a decision brought about by the environment he grew up in.

Arrow Bwoy, who was raised in Nairobi’s Huruma Estate, opened up about growing up in a hostile family; adding that it is those circumstances that pushed him into singing strictly love and praise songs for women.

“The reason why I talk about love is because there was a lot of domestic violence in my family; my dad beating up my mum… so I grew up seeing that, that’s why I praise women and sing about love because that is what I wish to spread,” he stated.

The singer – who was on a promotional tour of his new song ‘Ngeta’ – urged his fans to give him time to bring a fresh style into the music industry.

‘Ngeta’ is slang for ‘being mugged’; he however uses it in the song to describe that he would want the kind of love where a woman holds onto him and does not let go, kind of like a twisted romanticised version of a mugging.

“I’ve been brought up in the ghetto, so getting mugged is a habit we are used to. I wanted that kind of love, a lady to mug me and not let go…I want a lady who wont get tired holding me,” he stated.

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