Apologise to Magufuli! Bungoma County fertilizer bags land Tanzanian firm in trouble

Tanzania’s Prime Minister Kassim Majaliwa is breathing fire after he came across a bag of fertilizer branded “County Government of Bungoma” at the country’s fertilizer manufacturing plant, Minjingu, which is based in Arusha.

Mr Majaliwa wondered why the packaging had a Kenyan address yet the fertilizer manufacturer is based in Tanzania, and has production equipment to produce materials used to wrap the fertilizer.

The Tanzanian Premier now wants the owners of Minjingu Mines and Fertilizer Ltd to write an apology letter to President John Magufuli.

Mr Majaliwa gave the order after visiting Minjingu Mines and Fertilizer Ltd during his recent three day tour of Manyara Province.

“I decided to inspect the firm after receiving complaints by residents of Manyara Province, lamenting that the fertilizer is not being sold to them, despite the firm being resident. Experts have revealed that when used, the fertilizer helps significantly in improving crop productivity. But when I arrived at the premises of the manufacturing plant, I noticed something that angered me – the fertilizer bags had a Kenyan address written on them yet Minjingu Mines and Fertilizer Ltd is a Tanzanian firm,” Mr Majaliwa said as quoted by Bongo5.com.

“Why should the wrapping materials have a Kenyan address? We should be seeing a Babati address, not Kenya’s! Did the firm even get permission from Tanzanian administration to get wrapping materials from Kenya?

“We can see quite well there is a Tanzanian mark of quality (TBS) on the fertilizer bags. Why don’t we see Tanzania all over the wrapping material? It should never happen!  The owners of the company must write an apology letter to President Magufuli. The Head of State is going round the country advocating for the empowerment of our local production industries yet you are promoting industries in a foreign nation.”

Minjingu Mines and Fertilizer Ltd Director, Tosky Hans, told the Prime Minister that they opted to brand the fertilizer bags using a Kenyan address because of an agreement the firm had with its products’ buyers, a statement which did not auger well with Prime Minister Majaliwa, who insisted the firm must write an apology letter to President Magufuli.


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