Apologise to Kenyans, Diamond Platnumz’s manager tells Ali Kiba


Diamond Platnumz’s manager Sallam Sharaff has urged Ali Kiba to apologise to Kenyans for lying that it is he (Sallam) who orchestrated the interruption of Kiba’s performance during Chris Brown’s concert held last Saturday, October 8, in Mombasa.

Sharaff has further urged Kiba to seek forgiveness from Kenyans for not giving them value for their money by holding a short-lived performance.

Ali Kiba performed after Nigeria’s Wizkid had taken to the stage, leaving many revelers confused on the protocol that was being used to call artistes to the dais.

Known to many, Wizkid was one of the two main acts of the event – deputising Chris Brown in terms of hierarchy – at least according to the event’s organizers. So when Kiba took to the stage after Wizkid, questions were raised.

However, Ali Kiba did not perform for long – two minutes precisely – before his microphone was switched off, forcing him to vacate the stage and make way for Chris Brown.

Ali Kiba in an October 10 interview with Radio Citizen’s Mambo Mseto host Willy Tuva claimed that someone, ostensibly Diamond Platnumz’s manager Sallam Sharaff, played a dirty trick on him.

“I don’t know what transpired to an extent someone came and disconnected my microphone while I was on stage. I was not impressed. Many things happened, that left me confused,” said Ali Kiba.

“I saw Diamond Platnumz’s manager going to the backstage when I was performing. What was he going to do there? Of what relevance was he to the event? It did not paint a good picture, especially when people think that Diamond and I have differences, of which we do not have. However, what will people think when they see Diamond Platnumz’s manager at the backstage and almost immediately my microphone goes off?

“What even made him go to the backstage? There are many people who sat at the VIP reserve. If it is a must for someone of his caliber to attend the show, he should have remained rooted in the VIP section. What was he doing at the backstage?” posed Kiba.

Well, Sallam Sharaff has responded to Ali Kiba’s claims, saying he should not be blamed for Kiba’s Saturday woes as he (Kiba) brought the complications upon himself.

Sharaff says Ali Kiba was to perform for 30 minutes immediately after Vanessa Mdee had taken off the stage, but the Mwana hit-maker – who was present at the venue – refused to heed to the call, probably believing he was a bigger artiste than Wizkid; hence should curtain raise for Chris Brown.

“Kenyans deserve an apology from Ali Kiba over his actions. He lied to them and East Africa as a whole (that Diamond Platnumz indirectly orchestrated his woes). It does not matter if he fails to seek an apology from me. I have already forgiven him anyway. I also urge him to reduce the hatred he has toward Diamond Platnumz. We should march forth as a unit, and let him know that Diamond is not involved whatsoever in what happens in his (Kiba’s) life,” Sharaff told Radio Citizen’s Willy Tuva Tuesday, October 11.

Sharaff said he graced Mombasa Rocks Festival so that he could establish connections with artistes from other countries for purposes of future projects that would involve his client Diamond Platnumz.

Sharaff further said that he and Wizkid’s manager, Mr Sande, are good friends and that is why he went to the backstage when Wizkid took to the podium to perform – and not to engineer Ali Kiba’s precipitate performance. He added that Mr Sande manages Diamond Platnumz’s itinerary in West Africa.

Ali Kiba performed two songs Aje and Macmuga a few minutes to 1am, the time allocated for Chris Brown’s performance.

“After Vanessa Mdee had finished her performance, Ali Kiba was supposed to thrill fans for 30 minutes. However, Kiba did not want to perform before Wizkid. I heard claims that he (Kiba) thought himself to be a bigger artiste than Wizkid. I won’t comment on that. When Wizkid’s manager saw Kiba was not going to take to the stage, even after 10 minutes of being called, he (Wizkid’s manager) asked Wizkid to perform,” said Sharaff.

Mombasa Rocks Festival was headlined by American pop star Chris Brown at the Mombasa Golf Club Saturday, October 8.

Ali Kiba among other artistes including Nazizi, Navio, Vanessa Mdee and Wizkid curtain-raised for Chris Brown.

Watch Chris Brown’s Mombasa Rocks performance below:



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