Anne Ngirita’s lipstick moment in court: What you had to say


Anne Ngirita, a suspect in the National Youth Service (NYS) multi-billion shilling scandal, bemused online users Tuesday, when she was recorded on camera applying lipstick when in Milimani Lawcourts, where she is facing money laundering and fraud charges.

Even after being charged among top government officials, Anne Ngirita did not seem to be moved by the court proceedings.

Kenyans on Twitter have come out, in their numbers, to react to Anne Ngirita’s lipstick moment.

Below are some of the social media reactions:

Maria Kemmy said: “She even had time to re-apply her lipstick, life must be good.”

Kinyan Boy wrote: “She had to look good for the cameras.”

Naphtal Achola said: “Let her put the last touches, it’s not business as usual.”

Sparta Joe observed: “I have been observing her ever since the scandal started, she does not seem worried at all. I think she’s sure that this scandal will not bare any fruits. It is evident as she is only concerned about her looks, and the fact that she is now famous. Anyway, this is Kenya, this scandal will soon end and no one will be arrested, this will not be the first time.”

John Ouma said: “She does not look troubled. Kenyans should stop this habit of stealing from public coffers. One family of five people given millions of shillings for delivering nothing, too bad.”


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