Anne Kansiime splits from husband of four years, fan makes comment which angers the comedienne


After months of speculations by her fans and entertainment news outlets in Uganda, Ugandan comedienne Anne Kansiime has confirmed that she and her husband of four years, Gerald Ojok, have separated.

Kansiime made the announcement Saturday during a question and answer session with her fans on her verified Facebook page, which has 1.85 million followers.

Until Saturday, Kansiime had remained tight-lipped about the status of her marriage despite break up reports spamming different blogs and entertainment sites.

A fan, Robert Mugisha, asked Kansiime: “I got information on Facebook that you deserted your home after being a granted a divorce from your husband; and that you are currently dating a young Rwandese man who lives in Uganda. Is it true?”

Kansiime responded to Mugisha, writing: “OJ (Ojok) and I are not together anymore. Reasons why we broke up are not for anyone else to know, but just the two of us.”

Another fan, Ernest Mupenzi, referred to Kansiime’s split from her husband as “the worst choice of your life” since by letting the union crash to a halt, “either Kansiime or her husband chose the direction where there is no God”.

A seemingly not-so-impressed Kansiime responded to Mupenzi, saying: “How sure are you there was God in the union in the first place? Let us all be respectful and stay in our lanes, my brother.”

Another fan, Sandra Belinda, suggested to Kansiime that she should have fought for her marriage despite there being issues, which were threatening to bring the union to an end.

Sandra wrote: “Anne, no one says marriage should be a bed of roses, and you won’t get an angel anywhere on earth. Just talk out things with your husband, and get back together. Be a strong and a forgiving woman.”

Kansiime wrote back: “Some people are better apart.”

Another fan, Priscilla Shilla, said: “I wish you could get back together with your husband. You two made such a lovely couple. You made marriage seem so simple and nice to some of us.” Kansiime replied: “Oh dear, no worries. We will find happiness again, for sure.”

Ugandan entertainment outlet,, reported that Kansiime’s husband, Ojok, could not stomach Kansiime’s inability to conceive, and thus decided to end the union.

“Kansiime chose career over marriage. Friends who hang out with Kansiime allege that the comedienne has resorted to taking stress relievers to reduce on her home pressures,” read a paragraph of a story on website titled: Exclusive details: Anne Kansiime’s marriage on the rocks.

“Drugs are part of her life, and it is because of demands from her husband and in-laws,” a source close to Kansiime was quoted as saying.

“Ojok’s family is not happy that Kansiime is not giving them grandchildren. Ojok has been a supportive and patient husband. However, according to reliable information, he is soon giving up. He is ready to start a new life,” read another paragraph on the story.

In yet another story on the same website, Ojok’s close buddy is quoted to have said that Kansiime had visited several hospitals in and out of Kampala seeking a solution for her alleged inability to conceive to no success.

The first signs of Kansiime’s troubled marriage were reported by a Ugandan blog Big Eye in 2016. Kansiime was allegedly too busy with her career, and reduced Ojok to second in the priority order. The two, however, managed to iron out their differences and got back together.

Later, claims emerged that Ojok, who had gotten used to his wife being away from home due to work-related issues, began seeing another woman. Just like the first problem, the couple managed to navigate through this one – too.

The straw which broke the camel’s back, however, seems to be the alleged inability of Kansiime to conceive, according to Ugandan media.

Kansiime and Ojok tied the knot in 2013.

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