Angry Diamond Platnumz’s mum summons Zari Hassan; this is why


Sandra Kasim ‘Sanura’, the mother of singer Diamond Platnumz, recently summoned Zari Hassan, Diamond’s girlfriend, to her house and demanded to be told the truth regarding the nature of relationship between Zari Hassan and her ex-husband, Ivan Ssemwanga.

Ms Kasim argues after the birth of Zari and Diamond’s second born, Prince Nillan, photos of the son and Ivan in a grid format were shared on social media, days before Prince Nillan’s face was unveiled.

Ms Kasim suspects Zari could have shared the photos with Ivan.

“Diamond’s mum questioned why Ivan took photos of Nillan and even posted them on his social media pages, without Zari raising an issue. Sanura wants to know what is cooking between Zari and Ivan, to an extent he received photos that had not yet circulated on social media,” a source told Tanzania’s Global Publishers.

“Ms Sanura is angry that all these are happening while Zari is still dating Diamond. It hurts her,” added the source.

“She thus summoned Zari to her home and interrogated her extensively about the nature of her relationship with Ivan Ssemwanga,” said the informant.

The insider further said that Ms Kasim reminded Zari that it was not the first time Ivan was uploading photos of Diamond and Zari’s children alongside his in a manner likely to insinuate that he (Ivan) is the biological father of Zari’s last two children.

Fans online took to social media to claim Prince Nillan and Ivan look alike, a statement which did not auger well with Ms Kasim.

The source, however, was not able to get Zari’s response to Ms Kasim’s queries.

When the outlet reached Diamond Platnumz for comment regarding the claims, he said: “I am the biological father of both children (Prince Nillan and Latiffah Dangote). I do not like to answer these questions because every time I do, I will be giving the other person mileage – unnecessarily. Why should I give them mileage? That explains why I remain silent all through, though I know the truth,” said Diamond Platnumz.

Ivan and Zari, are an ex-couple, who were blessed with three male children.





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