Angered, I ordered her to pack up, go live with her boyfriend, Ruth Matete’s father recounts moment she dampened his spirits

Ruth Matete’s father, Abel Amunga, has narrated how he, in the past, forced the gifted singer out of his house, when she insisted on dating a man he did not approve of.

Speaking on Citizen TV’s “Bambika” show on Sunday, June 17, Mr Amunga said when Ms Matete was younger, she had fallen in love with an “estate boy”, whom “he did not like”.

Mr Amunga recounted her daughter choosing her boyfriend over him, when he had tasked her to decide who she wanted to live with.

“I got angry and ordered Ruth to pack up her things. I literally took her to her boyfriend’s place, and asked his family to take her in. The man was still living with his parents. So, I told them: ‘Chukueni bibi, ndiyo huyo nimewaletea!” said Mr Amunga.

Ruth Matete would, nearly immediately, reconcile and reunite with her father.

Ms Matete says her dad plays an important role in helping her choose a partner because his instincts about someone “are always right”.

“When my dad tells me not to proceed with a relationship, I won’t proceed with it. When he tells me to run; and never look back, I do exactly that,” said Ms Matete.

The Tusker Project Fame 5 winner recounted an incident, where she backed out of a relationship after her father told her that the man she was in love with then, “wasn’t a good person”.

“Later, when I looked back, I realised that my dad was right. There were certain things that the man, who I was contemplating getting serious with, did that left me thinking: ‘that could have happened to me’,” said Ms Matete.

Ms Matete says her now-fiancé has won the heart of her dad; and that the two men in his life have similar personalities.

“His [fiancé’s] physique, personality resembles that of my dad; and he [fiancé] knows that I listen to my dad without a second thought,” said Ms Matete.

Abel Amunga and Ruth Matete were the main guests on “Bambika” hosted by Kambua on Citizen TV every Sunday.

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