Amount of money raised through NASA paybill number as at Friday, September 15


The National Super Alliance (NASA) has raised Ksh20 million as at September 15, 2017, nearly seven days after the political formation unveiled a paybill number (991444), which has seen people of goodwill to NASA contribute funds to help push for a Raila Odinga presidency, NASA communications consultant Kate Openda says.

In a media statement dated September 15, 2017, Ms Openda writes: “One week ago, the National Super Alliance (NASA) launched a crowd fundraising initiative for its campaigns.

“I am pleased to announce that the fundraising initiative has so far realized Ksh20 million, far outpacing our expectations at the time of the launch.

“Nearly half of the donations are from small donors, giving Ksh1000 or less, showing that we are in the middle of a truly inclusive and people driven campaign.

“I am especially grateful to those who gave as little as Ksh5, Ksh10 and Ksh20, they are the heart of the movement. Whether you donated Ksh20 or 20,000 or 2 million, you are now plugged into the journey to bring electoral justice and accountability to Kenya. Your cents have become Ksh20 million.

“We are however not there yet. The campaign we have embarked on is going to be long and demanding. We are up against an opponent that has unfettered access to State resources…

“Let us soldier on…”



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