Amileena releases new clip, features Citizen TV staff’s wedding

Amileena has released a new video with rapper Calvo Mistari and they have featured a Citizen TV staff member’s wedding in the clip.

The melodic love song is dedicated Citizen TV’s Julius Osanjo and his beautiful wife, Kaki. The music video features actual snippets of the couple’s wedding which took place on 14th August.

Speaking exclusively to Citizen Digital, Julius revealed that they ended up in the video because they are close friends with the artistes.

“Calvo Mistari and I grew up together, and I met Amileena through him. When Amileena heard that Kaki and I were tying the knot, she asked if she could feature us in the clip,” Julius said

Initially, Kaki was apprehensive about including clips from the wedding in the music video. However, when she saw the final clip, she loved it.

Amileena and Calvo dedicated the song to the couple saying:

True love often seems like a shot in the dark; the soul’s effort to find its counterpart…the rhythm to its dance and melody to its song!

True love brings with it a kaleidoscope of emotions but always proves enduring!

It raises our standards, makes us laugh and feel alive; a phenomenon that can’t quite be put into words, but one we never want to let go.

True love defies the odds, persist through life’s storms, beaming like a ray of light guiding its passengers, right through to the end of some of the darkest tunnels.

May your lives be the blossoms of happiness, joy, peace, understanding and above all TRUE LOVE. May the almighty grant you both, only His choicest blessings always.

You can watch the clip here:

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