American rapper Machine Gun Kelly reveals he was raised in Kenya

American rap superstar Richard Colson Baker, popularly known as Machine Gun Kelly (abbreviated as MGK) has revealed that he was brought up in Kenya.

The Hip Hop artiste made the revelation when he went undercover online with men’s magazine GQ to answer questions posed by fans on Reddit, YouTube and Twitter.

The rapper, who is popularly known for his 2011 hit ‘Wild Boy’, stated that he was raised in Egypt and Kenya before moving to Germany and finally the United States where he settled.

“I grew up in Egypt till I was five or six years old…Egypt and Kenya…and then Germany for a bit, then I came to the United States…” said MGK.

The shocking revelation has since caused mixed reactions online, with a section of Kenyans on Twitter (KOT) even joking that the information should be kept hush-hush lest the Music Copyright Society of Kenya (MCSK) hear about it and send him the controversial Ksh.2,530 recently sent to Kenyan artists.

The rapper also added that he was previously forced to worked at Chipotle –  an American chain of fast casual restaurants – in order to raise money for his rent.

He further revealed that he believes in anarchism; which is an anti-authoritarian political philosophy that rejects hierarchies deemed unjust and advocates their replacement with self-managed, self-governed societies.

Below is the video (MGK speaks about growing up in Kenya at minute 2:48):

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