Amber Raymond speaks on claims of seeking services of a Machakos witchdoctor


Kenyan showbiz girl Amber Raymond has refuted claims that she went to Machakos to seek the services of a witchdoctor mid this week.

Social media has been awash with claims that Amber – who posts everything about her life on Instagram – secretly drove to Machakos and sought services of a witchdoctor, not knowing that someone was secretly taking her photos.

And when photos of Amber seated on a mat allegedly at a witchdoctor’s hidey-hole with her left hand holding a black cockerel and her right hand holding a white hen surfaced online, several social media users accused her of practicing witchcraft to gain fame.

“When you get caught you cannot defend yourself. You try to cook up a story to make it look like your name is being dragged in mud. It took you 12 hours to come up with a drafted defense. We know you drove all the way to Machakos (details will be dropped soon). Where is the producer, other cast members… How come the other cast members did not defend you soon as they saw this? How comes this one time you forgot to post this on Instagram whereas you post all of your other steps all day?” posed one fan on Instagram.

Amber on Friday took to the same platform to debunk witchcraft rumours, saying the pictures were taken during a scene of a movie that she is currently shooting.

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