Prezzo was in ‘bro zone’, fiancé Mitchele Oyola reveals

Mitchele Oyola has refuted claims that she is in a situationship with her rapper fiance’ Prezzo.

CMB Prezzo’s fiancé Mitchele Oyola has revealed that she was not initially interested in the Naleta Action rapper, adding that he was initially in the “bro zone”.

“Prezzo used to be in a bro zone before it became a relationship. It grew from there to where we are now,” she said.

Speaking during an interview on Citizen TV’s #10Over10, Oyola insisted that she had s genuine relationship with Prezzo – not a “situationship”.

“A situationship is when you are not getting text back, it is not when you are living with that person under one roof. I cannot be in a ‘situationship’ when we are engaged”, she said.

When asked about whether her relationship with Prezzo was for show, Oyola refuted the claims vehemently. She went on to explain that they dates on the down low for a whole year, without making a huge media fuss about it.

“We dated for a full year, and I never post any picture of him neither did he. We came to an understanding because we did not want our affairs to be outside.  We only started posting our pictures when the news broke out that we were dating,” she said.

Earlier on in May, Prezzo had shared an Instagram photo with his flame saying that they decided to confirm their engagement after their photos leaked.

Prezzo and Mitchel both feature in Kenyan show, Nairobi dairies.

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