Ali Kiba’s ex: I’m ready to carry pregnancy for any celebrity so long as I’m paid Ksh883, 000


Musician Ali Kiba’s ex-girlfriend Sabby Angel, whose real name is Sabrina Omary, says she is ready to offer surrogacy services to Tanzanian celebrities for Tsh20 million (Ksh883, 000).

Sabby Angel says she understands there are female celebrities, or male celebrities whose wives are having difficulties conceiving.

“I have seen several female celebrities in Tanzania struggling with infertility problems, and that is why I have offered to help them realise their dreams of becoming mothers. The help, however, comes at a cost,” she told Tanzania’s Vijistori Mitandaoni.

“I will sign contracts with women seeking surrogacy services from me. My price is Tsh20 million (Ksh883, 000). A Pregnancy can make someone look withered. I need money to restore my body beauty,” she said.

In gestational surrogacy, an egg is removed from the intended mother or an anonymous donor and fertilized with the sperm of the intended father or anonymous donor. The fertilized egg, or embryo, is then transferred to a surrogate who carries the baby to term.

Sabby Angel’s statement comes in the wake of a revelation by popular Tanzanian radio presenter Diva the Bawse, who opened up about her infertility problems.

Diva revealed that she needs Ksh700, 000 for corrective procedures to facilitate her ability of conceiving.

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