Ali Kiba: Why I take long to release new songs

Top Tanzanian Afro-pop singer Ali Kiba says that releasing many songs within a short period of time is a sign of lack of self confidence among artistes and that it kills talent.

Speaking on Sporah Show recently, Ali Kiba said that his one hit has the potential of remaining relevant for long.

“Fans don’t worry about me. What I want to do in the “New Kiba New Year” is to walk with you at the same pace. I however urge you to understand that regular churning of hits kills talent, is a show of panic and exposes one as having short term talent. I believe in the songs that I produce; and I know when to release a new song,” said Kiba.

The singer also urged fans to stop comparing him with other Bongo Flava artistes, saying his mode of doing things is different.


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