Ali Kiba rocked by cheating allegations


Accusations of cheating have been leveled against Tanzanian heavy-hitter Ali Kiba.

The “Aje” star, who tied the knot in April this year, has allegedly been hitting on another woman, expressing his undying love for her.

The woman in question is video vixen Sasha Kassim, who alleges that the award-winning artiste has pitched camp in her phone, begging for a romantic relationship.

This comes on the back of claims that Ali Kiba’s wife, Amina Khalef, recently gave birth to the couple’s first child.

Tanzania’s “Risasi” newspaper proved that there has been communication between Sasha and Ali Kiba, with Kiba, in some instances, sending romantic texts to the video vixen.

“I do not want a love affair with Ali Kiba; I don’t like him. He is the one, who has been pestering me for a relationship. And, for your information, it is not only Kiba who is begging for my love. Other top Tanzanian musicians are disturbing me. And, honestly, I don’t want them; I cannot go out with an entertainer from Tanzania, maybe from the US such as Chris Brown,” Sasha told “Risasi” newspaper.

It is alleged that Sasha was ready to let Ali Kiba’s wife know what was going on behind her back.

Reached for comment, Ali Kiba rubbished Sasha’s claims, saying: “I do not have the habit of chatting with people aimelessly.”

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