Akothee’s outrageous suggestion to Uhuru on how to end doctors’ strike

Akothee often speaks her mind – unapologetically.

Sometimes what she says appears extreme, like many would perceive of her suggestion to President Uhuru Kenyatta on how the government can end the ongoing doctors’ and nurses’ strike.

Wait for it.

She suggests that if the government does not have sufficient money to pay striking doctors and nurses, it should borrow from foreign nations – despite the country’s debt load being large.

“One cannot work if they are not given money. I wish President Uhuru Kenyatta can steer his cabinet – through the relevant ministry – to give doctors and nurses their money. If Kenya has no such amount of money that the medical practitioners are demanding, we can borrow from foreign nations. This other suggestion is extreme, but it can help – let us hold a major national Harambee to raise funds that we would channel toward paying striking doctors and nurses. I will turn up for the Harambee,” she told eDaily.

The Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentist Union, which represents doctors at state hospitals, says its members are demanding a 300 percent salary increase from the collective bargaining agreement signed between the doctors and government in June 2013. Union leader Ouma Oluga said the Kenyan government has not upheld the agreement.

Migori Women Rep on Jubilee ticket in 2017 polls

Akothee recently came out guns blazing refuting claims that she would run for Migori Women Rep on Jubilee ticket in 2017 polls after a poster made the rounds on social media that she is planning to plunge into politics.

“I am happy to realise that people are seeing potential in my leadership. I also think I have my democratic rights to choose who or I want to become. Politically, I am not interested in any post. I don’t even know a head or tail of politics in as much as my mum is a politician and is running for MCA in Migori County in 2017 general election.

“I am actually not happy with the poster because they know the region where I come from and the party associated with that region. I don’t want to be associated with politics in any way; perhaps when I am 60, I will think of becoming the first female President of Kenya. Women Rep, Senator, MP and Governor positions are too small for me. Right now, I want to put on my bikinis and short dresses; I don’t have the time to pull ties. I just want to enjoy my life.

“I know what the people who came up with that poster are planning. They are jealous of my success. You know I am a hiccup, the only hiccup for men. So, some men sat down and said this woman is too stubborn we must put her down; but they won’t manage. They don’t know what plans I have for 2017.

“I want to give birth in 2017 though I am struggling to get pregnant. I want to finish my degree in Business Management at Mount Kenya University. But I don’t want to be employed by anybody – I just want them to accord me the respect that I deserve,” she said.

“A husband is a gap in my life that I could fill in 2017. If a man is loyal and we understand each other, we would try.”

Akothee last month broke news that she won’t tie the knot to her fiancé because he demanded that she chooses between him and music. She chose music.

Are they planning to get back together? “I haven’t worked out things with my fiancé yet. He has his own life. He met me when I have my 32 teeth, my friend. I know where to go and he met me and asked me what my name was but he didn’t give birth to me, did he? I was only a benefactor receiving benefits from him and enjoying all the gifts,” she said.


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