Akothee: Why I disappointed ‘team mafisi’ at my birthday party

High-flying Kenyan singer Akothee says she did not twerk during her performance at her birthday party held in Shanzu, Mombasa on April 9 because she “respects the diversity of her fans”.

Akothee, who staged an energetic hour-long performance, says she disappointed team mafisi who turned up in their hundreds to celebrate with her – devotees who were hoping to watch Akothee perform her trademark sensual dance.

“I disappointed team mafisi. I have to represent everybody, you know,” Akothee told eDaily.

Akothee recently released a new song Give it to Me, featuring Nigerian star Flavour, where she showed off her killer dance moves.

While the video gained popularity overnight, it also got the mother-of-five heavy criticism from fans who thought that she, as a maternal figure, should refrain from dancing such a sensual manner.

“Fans are the ones who said a mother shouldn’t twerk. And now that I did not twerk during my performance at the party – they are questioning why. What do guys really want?” posed Akothee.

“Nonetheless, I will continue twerking; I don’t owe anyone an explanation for my actions,” said Akothee.

Akothee says she was overwhelmed by the massive support she received from fans and artistes who attended the function in numbers – all dressed in sparkling white outfits – to celebrate with her.

“As I am turning a year older I just feel fantastic and feel more love than before. I was expecting a turn out but not as huge as this because I went on stage and felt like crying.”

“Thank you so much to the Coast artistes who came to support me. I wanted to see who is with me and who is ready to walk with me. Right now I am planning to do a song with Coast-based artistes; and the video will be produced by Godfather here in Mombasa.”

“I am so happy that people turned out,” Akothee further told eDaily.

Some of the big names that graced Akothee’s mega bash at the New Volume Lounge and Restaurant in Shanzu are MC Jalang’o, singers Ally B, Tanzania’s Lina, Mombasa’s Chapatizo among others.

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