Akothee: Why I bought my daughter a car as birthday present

Esther Akoth alias Akothee bought her eldest daughter, Vesha Sheilan a car on her 19th birthday because she doesn’t want men “throwing car keys infront of her eyes.”

While attending the opening of the premier edition of Citizen TV’s reality show, #10over10, the Give It To Me hit maker said she does not want men offering her daughter lift.

“I did not want men to dangle car keys in front of her eyes asking her for a lift,” said Akothee.

Akothee attended the reality show as a judge for a dancing competition where the best performer was awarded Ksh 10,000.

Earlier on, the wealthy musician had launched the competition where potential dancers were sending their recorded moves in her facebook inbox which she would later post on social media for her diverse fans to nominate who would win a coveted prize.

Akothee announced that she had concluded the contest and had granted the winner to her game $100 (Ksh 10,000) plus an invite to dine with her.

“100 dollars is nothing but at least to appreciate, I gave it to one of my fans. The lady who won was a university student and she touched my heart how she received the token… It is difficult to meet me and she got an opportunity to dine with me.”


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