Akothee: What I would do if my daughters get pregnant


Controversial musician Esther Akoth, popularly known as Akothee, has advised her three daughters to be wary of men, who are disguising as loving boyfriends, yet they are only after sex.

The “Oyoyo” hit-maker took to Instagram on Wednesday, August 1 to write her daughters, Vesha, Rue Baby and Makadia, an open letter, which disclosed how she would react, when they get pregnant.

Below is her open letter:

“Men don’t really mean what they whisper in your ears when they need sex; that time they are lost. Let them do the theory, practicals are in your hands.

“My daughters, complete your studies, be financially stable before you think of having a family.

“Never put your hopes on a human being; never see a man driving a big car then you decide to settle for him thinking he owns it; men do borrow their friends’ cars and houses to gain social class and lure women.

“Settle with someone you love, loves and respects you as a woman.

“Never base your love on material wealth; you will forever be empty! How about you getting pregnant overnight because you thought he has a big house, only to realise it was his friend’s and he has not even a penny to take care of you and the baby?

“If a man ever blocks you after getting you pregnant, block them too; and imagine they don’t exist!

“Collect your life together and carry your pregnancy. It is your own sh*t. You went looking for it!

“As your mother, I will laugh at you if I see you chasing him around crying and throwing tantrums.

“But, I will hug you and calm you down. But I don’t promise to babysit; Hell no!

“You won’t make me a grandma now! Ngojeni kidogo. I won’t stop putting on my bikinis for you.

“Men are also tired of women ‘fixing’ them with babies.

“Men have also decided that if you want them sperm donors, they are plenty.

“So get pregnant at your own risk; you will know you don’t know! Men are tired too.

“I haven’t seen your boyfriends, though! If you get any, please introduce them to me; I won’t laugh.

“But, make sure they have shaved their hair, please; and no sagged trousers looking like some thief. It is your choice @veshashaillan@rue.baby @fancy_makadia.”

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