Akothee: I will still have another child

Controversial Kenyan singer Akothee has revealed that she would still want to have another child when she’s ready.

Taking to Instagram, the ‘Oyoyo’ hitmaker also urged women to beware of deceitful men who claim “the baby is ours” when there are no bills to be paid.

According to Akothee, women should have the freedom of living a life they want after giving birth and undergoing several disappointments in their relationships.

“Let all women have the freedom of living their lives after having children and several disappointments in relationships,” wrote Akothee.

The outspoken mother of five also noted that women should not let their past haunt them for having kids with irresponsible men.

“We can’t stay virgins after being devirgined! We can’t accept out past to keep on haunting us simply because we have had children with irresponsible men/fathers,” she added.

“Yes I will still have another child when I am ready to and don’t care if the father will stay or leave! The baby is mine! It’s ours when he/she is doing better and no bills to be paid anymore! Men are cunning, wake up, it’s our time.”

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