Akothee: Friends refused to send me gifts when I gave birth

Akothee: Friends refused to send me gifts when I gave birth

Kenyan Afro-pop singer Akothee revealed on Saturday, April 9 that friends declined to send her gifts when she gave birth to her last born child, Oyoo, because “she is a millionaire”, hence “does not need any assistance”.

The mother of five, who was celebrating her “early 30s” birthday – as she calls it – says she has only one true friend whose name is Judr Leichum.

While Akothee was on stage during her birthday bash, Ms Leichum gifted her a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

Akothee took the opportunity to praise Judr for standing by her through thick and thin, adding that her bosom buddy walked with her through her financial struggles.

“When I gave birth to Oyoo, most of my friends said they couldn’t send me gifts because I own the whole world; only this one (pulls Ms Leichum closer, hugs her) stood by by me,” Akothee told an attentive crowd.

Oyoo turned 4 on April 2, 2016.

Akothee used the same platform to dispel rumours doing the rounds on social fora that she is engaging in illegal activities to fund her flashy lifestyle.

“They say Akothee is a member of Illuminati, Akothee sells young women to old wazungu abroad… Those are pure lies; I just work hard,” Akothee told the gathering that cheered in approval.

“Yes, I do love money; but I do not have a ‘sponsor’. I pay my bills,” insisted Akothee.

The flamboyant musician urged fans to work hard so that they don’t spend a good part of their lives gossiping about successful people.

The singer celebrated her birthday in an all-white fully packed event that was held at the New Volume Lounge in Shanzu, Mombasa.

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