Akothee blasts people referring to her children as ‘ugly’


Kenyan musician, Akothee has taken to social media to blast people who have “nothing to do but sit down and discuss issues concerning her life.”

The musician is well known for her candid and straightforward views on matters concerning her family.

This time, in a one minute video, Akothee did not shy away from shaming negative people who brand her as one of the celebrities with the ugliest children.

Akothee talked about the matter with a beam on her face, claiming that she is not bothered at all as she “remains the richest and best bodied female musician in Kenya”, even after having five children.

“I am rich and famous with ugly children but you are broke and unpopular with beautiful children so who is winning? Live your miserable life on peace mode and top up your data bundles as you watch me live a life you would die to have. Your children are the face of P2 and nyama-choma and you dare open your mouth talking of who is beautiful and who is not.

In the short video clip, Akothee was make-up free and dared those who were talking about her to take a selfie without any make up on.

“When did you take a selfie last without make up, idiot!”

The ‘Give it to me’ singer ended the video with a chuckle saying she knows that she is living a better life than the people who are talking about her.

This is what Akothee said in the video:

“As you sit down to discuss that Akothee is one of the celebrities with the ugliest children, with many husbands and many children, don’t forget to give me credit, note, she (Akothee) is the richest female artist with the best body even after popping five children. Rich and famous, you can’t just talk about the negatives, at least also talk about the positives, isn’t Akothee rich and famous? Forget about beauty, that one is in the beholder’s eye, it depends on what you want to see. What I know is, I am living a better life than yours, while you are living this life on data bundles.”



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