Akon: These flashy U.S rappers are very broke; Davido, Wizkid are way richer


Rapper Akon claims Nigerian musicians Davido, Wizkid and Peter and Paul Okoye (formerly of P-Square) are way richer than most American rappers portraying flashy lifestyles on music videos.

In a video, which is now going viral on social media, the rapper said for a long time, Africa has been displayed as a “backward” continent with limited top talent.

Though the video is two years old — given the musician made those remarks in July 2017 in Kigali Rwanda during a youth conference —, a section of online users say Akon got his observation spot-on, and, therefore, his sentiments are worth resharing.

“When you look at Hip hop in America, every rapper is rich. [In music videos, you’ll see them wearing] gold chains, [driving] Bentleys [posing with] nice girls by the pool, [and are living] in big mansions,” said Akon.

“However, when the video [shoot] is over, they get on their phones and call Uber taxi. They don’t even camp in the building that you saw on TV. But, you go to Nigeria… We have Wizkid, Davido, P-Square… All these guys are driving Bentleys, Mercedes Benz… They actually own those cars. That is the difference [between US musicians and African artistes]. If we do not translate that [reality about Africa], they [Western nations] would never know,” said Akon.

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