Ahmednassir, Donald Kipkorir’s ‘money talk’ has #KOT shook

Flamboyant city lawyers Donald Kipkorir and Ahmednassir ‘Grand Mullah’ Abdullahi have Kenyans on Twitter shook after engaging in a conversation about money that most cannot even dare dream about.

The conversation started when Kipkorir intimated that Prism Towers, a modernly constructed 28-storey building in Nairobi’s Kilimani, is for sale for Ksh.1.2 billion while Integrity Centre, “a 40-year-old building” with three floors, is for sale for Ksh.1.5 billion.

Grand Mullah, on his part, seemed to disagree with the figures presented by Kipkorir which suggested that an entire floor at Prism Towers would cost “Kshs.42.8 million only? The same value of a 4 bedroom house in South C?”

In response Kipkorir asked Ahmednassir to contact the director of the real estate company behind the building for clarification on the figures.

Ahmednassir then offered to buy the entire building at the quoted figure of Ksh.1.2 billion, urging Kipkorir to give the director of the developer his number and to act on his behalf during the transaction.

“Dear Yusuf Hassanali, Kings Developers … Kindly remove the “For Sale” sign on top of your PRISM Tower … My friend Ahmednasir Abdullahi, SC wants to shorten your problems of selling floors & paying selling agents. He will buy the whole building. Am his lawyer. Be in touch,” said Kipkorir.

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