Who is Agnes Masogange? What you need to know about the late video vixen


Top Tanzanian video queen and model Agnes Masogange died Friday evening (April 20), Tanzania’s EATV reported.

Ms Masogange succumbed to pneumonia and low blood pressure at the Mama Ngoma Hospital in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania at 4pm.

Confirming news about Ms Masogange’s death, Dr. Kihama Ngoma said the video vixen had been admitted to the health facility for four days.

Tanzania’s Global Publishers reported that hundreds of Dar es Salaam residents made their way to Mama Ngoma Hospital, when news about Ms Masogange’s death broke Friday evening.

Her body was moved to Muhimbili National Hospital, comedian Steve Nyerere said. Funeral plans are underway.

Below are facts about Agnes Masogange that you, probably, did not know:

-89 GIRL

She was born on September 8, 1989.


Masogange is her stage name, and not her real name. She was born Agnes Gerald. She adopted the Masogange name after she featured as a video vixen in Tanzanian artiste Belle 9’s song called Masogange.


She liked to share, on her social media pages, short videos of her showing off her behind.


She was, on April 3, 2018, sentenced to three years in jail or a fine of Ksh67, 000 (Tsh1.5 million) after she was found guilty of drugs and substance abuse.

While giving his ruling on April 3, Kisutu Resident Magistrate Wibard Mashauri said the prosecution, which presented three witnesses, proved beyond any reasonable doubt that Ms Masogange abused heroin and Oxazepam.

Ms Mashauri said the government chemist presented in court a report, which showed that Masogange’s urine contained traces of heroin and other illegal drugs.

Ms Masogange was sentenced to two years in jail, or a fine of Ksh44, 500 (Tsh1 million), after she was found guilty of the first count (use of heroin). She was also sentenced to another year in jail, or pay a fine of Ksh22, 000 (Tsh500, 000), after she was found guilty of using Oxazepam. She paid the total fine (Ksh67, 000) to secure her freedom.

Ms Masogange was arrested on February 15, 2017 for her involvement in illegal drugs trade. She featured among other top Tanzanian celebrities in a list, which was issued by Dar es Salaam police boss Paul Makonda, of people who were suspected to be involved in a drug network in Tanzania.


In July 5, 2013, Agnes Masogange and another lady identified as Melisa Edward were  arrested at the Oliver Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg, South Africa. The two were nabbed in possession of what was suspected to be illegal drugs, Crystal Methamphetamine, which were valued at Tsh6.8 billion (Ksh297 million).

The substances had been packed in six bags. It was later established that the suspects were not transporting drugs, but chemicals. She was fined Ksh297 million, or a jail term of 2 years. She secured her freedom after paying the fine.

Ms Masogange, would, thereafter, say a man only identified as DK was the one who had asked her to transport the substances.


In December, 2015, Ms Masogange was linked, romantically, with popular Nigerian singer Davido, who blogs said was the father of Ms Masogange’s then-unborn child. Davido would come out to refute the claims of being responsible for Ms Masogange’s alleged pregnancy.

Social media was fraught with rumours that the video vixen was heavy with Davido’s child after Ms Masogange took to her official Instagram handle and posted a suggestive update that subtly linked Davido to her unconfirmed pregnancy.

In the social media post, the popular socialite shared a picture of her holding Davido’s HKN chain with the caption “I miss him” and merged it with yet another photo of a pregnancy test which read positive. The photo grid, expectedly, attracted a myriad of comments and speculation.

Shortly after uploading the post, she deleted it. Davido would immediately come out to clear the air. “I don’t care what blogs write; true or fake. But when someone is calling me back to back all the way from another country crying about her fiancé seeing false news and is about to leave her; leave her in misery…! Until some crazy things happen, then everyone will start feeling [expletive] up,” tweeted the All of You star.

The feted musician added: “Please stop it. It is not fair on Agnes and her boyfriend. Let them live and have their baby in peace. SMH.”

The nature of Davido and Agnes Masogange’s relationship raised eyebrows in November, 2015 after photos of the two hanging out surfaced online. Agnes, in December, 2015, played down Davido dating rumours by uploading a photo on Instagram kissing her presupposed boyfriend, Tanzanian actor Rammy Galis, on the cheek.

It later emerged that Ms Masogange was not expectant.



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