After releasing his new video (Itakuwa sawa), here is what Bahati is up to

Just a few days after his comeback the Barua hit singer Bahati, has done yet another major thing in his life.

The gospel singer, who recently affirmed to his fans that he is still in the game by releasing his new music video Itakuwa sawa, has decided to channel his energy towards making the society a better place.

The renowned gospel singer took to his social media page and shared a photo of himself in his home town, Machakos.

He had accompanied comedian Chipukeezy as he toured one of his ongoing projects in Kangundo.

Chipukeezy is building modern toilets for an educational centre in Kangundo and the singer is supporting him.

His Instagram post read:

“Chipukeezy took me to one of his ongoing projects at Kangundo in Machakos County, a free educational center to help kids in the area. I committed myself to helping these kids through constructing modern toilets for them.”

In the post, Bahati, however, said that those who were interested in the mission are free to help out in any way.

Recently Bahati broke his silence by asking for forgiveness from his children.

For the last 21 days, he stayed away from the public limelight. Speaking to Citizen Digital, the Barua singer said he had gone to his village in Makueni to introspect, fast and pray.

While taking time for spiritual nourishment and soul-searching is not something that he regrets, Bahati is sorry that this took him away from his children: Rose, Purity and Morgan.

“Sorry to my daughter (Rose) in school. I could not answer calls at such a time because I have always spoken hope to you, but that’s what I didn’t have at this time of pain. Remind Morgan and Purity that I am okay and I love them,” said Bahati.

Nonetheless, the Barua star said he cares for his children – and would do anything he could to ensure they live a comfortable life.


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