After grizzly crash, this is how Timmy Tdat Kush Tracy are doing

After grizzly crash, this is how Timmy Tdat Kush Tracy are doing

Welle Welle hit-maker Timmy Tdat and singer Kush Tracy have been discharged from hospital, following the early morning crash that they were involved in on Saturday in Rongai, Nairobi.

Huwezi ni Dandia singer Kush Tracy, through one of her social media pages, shared the good news with her fans saying: “Thank you loves for the prayers and well wishes. We thank God for the gift of life and health, tuko very Welle Welle.”

According to Kush Tracy, she and Timmy are even ready to get back into the game: “…tuko back kwa mchezo kama playboy and back on the grind????mbarikiwe aye!,”

Speaking to Citizen Digital, their manager, Ricky Bekko, confirmed that the two were in good health.

“Both Timmy Tdat and Kush Tracy were discharged on Monday (12th April 2016) from Sinai hospital where they were receiving treatment,” said Bekko.

When asked about the injuries that the hit-making duo had sustained, Bekko said that Timmy and Tracy were complaining of back pains.

Timmy, who was behind the wheel when the accident occurred, also had bruises on his hand.

After leaving the hospital, the two were to record statements with the police.

“Timmy Tdat and Kush Tracy were to go to the police station after they got discharged but they were not fit for it. However, they are to visit the police station to write their statements,” he said.

“The police are still trying to investigate on what really caused the accident. As for now, both parties involved are under investigation,” he said.

Goodwill messages continued to stream in from fans, with many thanking God that the two were out of hospital

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