After embarrassing interview with Betty Kyallo, Prezzo appears drunk on yet another show


Controversial Kenyan rapper CMB Prezzo appeared drunk on Wednesday while being interviewed by Tanzania’s showbiz cog, Millard Ayo.

Prezzo – who is currently headlining shows in the neighboring Tanzania – slurred his speech when responding to Mr Ayo’s questions.

In a 13-minute back seat interview video posted by Millard Ayo on YouTube, Prezzo can be seen mumbling and struggling to sit upright in the car.

This comes just months after he appeared inebriated on a Friday night interview with KTN’s Betty Kyallo.

The My City My Town  hit-maker was accompanied by his fiancée Michelle Oyola.

Focus on my engagement, not failed marriage

Millard Ayo sought Prezzo’s comment on his past relationships, but the rapper refused to open up – even about his baby mama and ex-wife Daisy Kiplagat.

“I wouldn’t want to speak about my failed marriage. I have made several steps in life. The one I should be talking about is my current lover (Michelle Oyola) who is here with me. I engaged her recently. She is beautiful both at heart and physically,” said Prezzo.

“I will tie the knot with Michelle soon, but the most important thing is life. It is God who knows best.”

Prezzo is set to perform at Iringa on Friday night and Mbeya on Saturday.

His flame Michelle Oyola opened up about how they met.

“I met Prezzo in 2014 at a mutual friend’s birthday party. After that he asked me to feature in a music video for a song he wanted to record. Being a model, and not a video vixen, I declined his request.”

Though the couple is ecstatic about their union, the journey has not been an easy one.

“We became very close friends with Prezzo and the relationship graduated into something intimate. We have dated officially for one year – with on and off breaks that lasted two months in between.”

“We later reconciled. My main career now is hair and face modeling – I don’t do runway modeling. I am also shooting a reality show with Prezzo right now,” Michelle said.

Mum did not like Prezzo

“My mum fell out with Prezzo after he broke up with me. She thought Prezzo was not serious. However, when he proposed, she gave us her blessings,” said the beauty.

“Prezzo went and visited my mother when I wasn’t around. He negotiated dowry. I think they got along well as mum later told me that she buried the hatchet with him.”

Integral cog in Prezzo’s life

Michelle says Prezzo has his management but she, time and again, chips in to assist him in managing his foreign trip itinerary.

“When I am on his side, good things come out,” said Ms Oyola.

Ms Oyola says dating Prezzo has made her develop thick skin and that before accepting to be his girlfriend she used to enjoy her privacy.

“After photos of Prezzo and I leaked on social media, I learnt to embrace life in the limelight. I thereafter developed the habit of sharing his photos too on my Instagram handle. However, most relationships on social media are not genuine – people post pictures of their partners on Instagram just for display.”

So is this another “Instagram relationship”?

“My relationship with Prezzo is very true. What you see on social media is a true picture of the two of us. We are planning for a wedding very soon. I hope all goes well. Though engagement does not guarantee you marriage the following day – it just shows the man’s intention and how serious he is with you.”

“However, I have been on Prezzo’s neck to make sure our wedding takes place before the year ends.”

Prezzo proposed to Michelle Oyola on May 18.

Watch Prezzo’s interview with Millard Ayo below.

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