After dandiaring a chopper, here is the juicy offer that the daredevil Bungoma man has gotten

Days after he made headlines for recklessly hitching a ride on a chopper in Bungoma, Mr Saleh Wanjala could land himself a proper airplane ride thanks to a local tour company.

Wanjala was among the mourners who gathered in Bungoma to receive the body of slain businessman Jacob Juma, but when the chopper tried to take off Wanjala hung on to the landing skids.

Worried about the safety of his unwanted passenger, the pilot tried to lower the plane to that he could get off – an effort that was wasted as Wanjala held on.

With no otherwise, the pilot shook Wanjala off, bringing a painful end to his dare devil stunt.

Well that stunt prompted Bonfire Adventures CEO to offer the daredevil a trip on an actual plane: “Help me out should I pay for this guy a free ticket to one of our tourism destination so that he can have a feel of flying instead of risking his life… What do you think Kenyans?”

Most people who commented on the page discouraged Kabu from giving Wanjala the free trip, arguing that such a trip would serve to encourage such risky behaviour.

“It’s unwise to even entertain such a thought. Are you considering rewarding him for endangering his life and others in that chopper? No one rewards bad behaviour just to make dreams valid,” Elizabeth Asiko Wanyanga wrote.

These sentiments were echoed by Simon Irunch who suggested that such trips be given to enterprising youth, not self-endangering daredevils.

“No don’t encourage stupid behaviour… What of those of young engineers making helicopters from spare parts? You should be finding those and encouraging such… Don’t waste money on such behaviour,” Simon opined.

Speaking to eDaily, the tour company CEO said that he does not aim to encourage risky behavior; he just wants to give Wanjala exposure.

“We don’t want to encourage this, but we want to give him something small like a ticket to Mombasa or something. Travelling to somewhere outside his locale will show him that there is more to life. You and I do not do such things because we are exposed,” Kabu said.

Kabu went on to explain that he believes that the man should be punished for his risky deed, but he should also receive love.

“Yes, he needs to be reprimanded but he also needs love. If he goes somewhere else and sees a different life, he will get some level of hope,” Kabu said.

Wanjala, who revealed that he was prompted to hang on to the plane because of an unknown disease, is going to face charges for endangering his life and the lives of others on the chopper.

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